4 Tips You Can Try for the Best Way to Lose Weight on Phentermine

4 Tips You Can Try for the Best Way to Lose Weight on Phentermine

Best way to lose weight on phentermine – Ever heard of Phentermine? It is a powerful drug that can suppress your appetite. Some people use this drug in order to lose weight. However, you can only apply it to doctor’s prescription. For the sake of your safety, here are 4 tips for the best way to lose weight on phentermine if you want to use it too.

best way to lose weight on phentermine

Best way to lose weight on phentermine

  1. Drink a Lot of Water

There is no need to question how important water is to us. But, did you know it can be one of the best ways to lose our weight? It is actually true because water has all bodily functions that our body needs for that. For instance, it can boost our metabolism and help us to burn body fat. So, it is better to have water as much as your body needs. This will prevent you from getting dehydrated too.

Although we have used phentermine, it is suggested to drink a full glass of water before eating our meal. It aims to suppress our appetite which will prevent us from overeating. With the use of the drug, this will work even better.


  1. Eat Healthy Food

We know that the function of phentermine is to suppress appetite. However, you must note that you still need to eat to lose weight. And, we highly recommend you to eat something healthy with balanced nutrition. You can consume foods that contain fibers, healthy fats, proteins, etc. If you want to have a snack, you can go with fruits like blueberry and banana or peanuts. They are much better than potato chips or sweets. In addition, you also must avoid other unhealthy stuff like soda, alcohol, ice cream, French fries, and other junk foods. You can ask for a nutritionist to help you to arrange the healthy menu for a week while using phentermine.

best way to lose weight on phentermine

  1. Balance Your Diet with Workout

Resisting our hunger will not be enough for losing weight. We still have to do some exercises to accelerate the process. For losing weight, you can do a wide variety of cardio exercises such as fast walking, running, or cycling. But, you can also make your routine more variant with weight training to build lean muscle. For your information, the lean muscle can contribute to burning calories as well as boosting our metabolism when we are resting. To get the best result, you can do both of exercises 3 – 4 times a week. We suggest you do weight training first before cardio. It is because cardio will require more energy to use than weight training. In addition, please eat something like a couple of banana before training. It will provide you the energy your body needs for the intense workout.


  1. Start a Healthy Life

Once you have decided to lose your weight, it is better to change your lifestyle into something healthier. That means you must stop doing things that can ruin your weight loss effort. As an example, you must stop your habit of sleeping so late. Sleep can be a great aid in losing weight since you can refill your energy this way. However, since you are using phentermine, you may experience its side effect, insomnia. In that case, you can combine it with other medication like sleeping pills. But, consult about it first with a doctor. Also, you can try to solve it by meditating while playing a soothing and peaceful music. On the other hand, if you have no sleeping issue while using the drug, then you do not need the sleeping tablets.

So, there you have it, the 4 tips for the best way to lose weight on phentermine. If you have achieved the goal you set, you can stop using the drug. Afterall, the drug is not for a long-term use.

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