6 Foods that Help You Lose Weight; Scientifically Proven!

6 Foods that Help You Lose Weight, Scientifically Proven!

Foods affect your body weight so much. You have to eat foods everyday that has some on them, and your body burns the food so it gets the energy from what you have consumed. Everyday, at least your body needs 1300 calories to have your metabolism well, but how if you have eaten foods with more calories than your body needs? Well, it will store the fat in some of your body parts.

So basically, what is important is not only knowing how much calories in a food, but also knowing what are the foods that help you lose weight and what are not. With the foods that help you lose weight, you can eat them pretty much but still have healthy advantages without worrying the weight gaining.

Foods that Help You Lose Weight

There are actually plenty of foods that help you to lose weight, those foods are called as thermogenic. Thermogenic has three matter which are has enough protein, high fiber, and completed with good fat. The thermogenic foods can generate energy that helps your body burn the calories and fat.

Foods that make you lose weight

Okay, so what are they? Here are 12 Foods that help you to lose weight;

  1. Egg; high in protein and vitamin B12 which makes it good as your energy resource to break and burn the fat and calories. Consuming egg when breakfast will also prevent you from craving, keep you off from excessing 400 calories each day.
  2. Nuts; from peanuts, lima beans, green peas, red peas, and other kinds of nut will help you to remove the fat especially in your tummy area. Nuts have high fiber which support your digestive system run smoothly. Although consuming nuts raw is the best way to get the benefits, you can also cook or process them first to get more delicating taste.
  3. Fish; no one can disagree that fish gives us many advantages, especially for its Omega-3. Omega-3 is a good unsaturated fat which can help you to improve your brain, lose your weight, and produce more melatonin to bring you tighter sleep. Fish also improves your cardio health, lower the dementia risk, and gives longer satiety. You can consume sardine fish, salmon, mackarell, etc.
  4. Apple; everyone’s favorite is here! Who doesn’t like an apple. As they said an apple a day, can keep the doctor away, it’s true. Apple consists of Vitamin C, anti-oxidant, fitosterol, flavonoid, and high fiber. An apple a day can gives you smoother digestion, lose weight, and prevent craving.
  5. Milk; Not only the milk but also all of its dairy products. But, only for the low fat or fat free products, so before you buy it, make sure you have read the labels. Many studies have shown that milk can help you to lose weight, remove the fat in tummy area, and protect you from cardiovascular disease risk. Plus, people who drink milk regularly will have stronger bones, more relax nervous, and no longer feel muscle ache due to its calcium and magnesium.
  6. Green Vegetables; Almost all of the green vegetables good for your diet to lose weight because they have fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Celery, spinach, kale, and broccoli have been proven effective to enhance weight loss. And cucumber, not only it is one of the foods that help you lose weight, it is also has much water and various vitamins like A, B, and C. Cucumber has extreme low calories so no matter how much you eat it, you will never gain weight because of it. Cucumber gives you smoother digestion to break and burn the fat, and eliminate the toxic in your body.



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