7 Best Way to Lose Water Weight Quickly

7 Best Way to Lose Water Weight Quickly

Best way to lose water weight – We all have been there: working out religiously, eat healthily, and successfully get rid of extra pounds. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the scale goes to the right side without you even know why. We all understand the frustration of yo-yo dieting. Do not get panic, it may be water weight. The culprit of gaining weight in short time may be water weight because fat accumulating takes time. It is kind of impossible to gain a two or three pound in the count of a day or two because you will need to eat extra calories. When you gain weight in short time because of water retention, you will feel like actually gain fat even though it is actually not.

Water weight can be caused due to lots of things such as high sodium meal, dehydration, heavy workout, hormonal change, and more. If you feel gain weight because of water weight, it should be better to take care of it.

Best way to lose water weight

Here is the best way to lose water weight.

Move your body

Water weight mostly makes you reluctant to exercise because it makes you feel heavy. Moving your body is important to help you sweat the excess water in the body. If you find it hard to do heavy exercise, you can start with a brisk walk, light dance or jog, fitness class, and more. Choose the activity to make you feel better. The fact is daily routine exercise can also cause water weight because of swelling during muscle repair. If that is the case keep on performing daily workout exercise and stay hydrated. If you are avoiding drinking water to support exercise, you are prone to perform the poor exercise. The important thing is to put attention on your endurance and strength instead of scale number.

Drink more water

It may sound ridiculous when you suffer from weight water but you are advised to drink more water. The fact is the human body is made up of water for about 60%. Water in the body plays an important role to function cells and organs. The main notion why you should drink more water to help lose water weight is when you lose the water weight fast, chances are the body will be in a state of dehydration. To avoid dehydration and help to restore the fluid balances in the body, it is important to drink more water. Consider drinking water for around 100 ounces of 11 cups of water every day. Also, do not forget to consider vegetables and fruits which contain lots of water and they also contribute to daily water intake. In addition, you should also consider replacing alcohol, juices, soda, and such drink with plain water because such beverages require more water to process and potential to make the body mildly dehydrated.

Reduce salt intake

The human body requires salt or sodium to function properly in only small portion. Too much salt in daily meal plan will lead to water weight. You will gain water weight quickly especially when dehydrated. Avoiding salt shaker is not enough to get rid of water weight. This is because most salt comes from process food, canned food, frozen food, and packaged snacks.

Stay away from processed food

As aforementioned above that most salt and sodium comes from processed, packaged, canned food, and also prepackaged snacks. If you aim to get rid of water weight, it is important to change your diet routine and stay away from this kind of food. It is better to eat whole foods and more fiber. If it is possible, you can cook your own meal from scratch to make sure that only healthy ingredient you are eating.  Above is best way to lose water weight


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