The Best Meal Plan to Lose Weight while Working Out

The Best Meal Plan to Lose Weight while Working Out

When you aim to lose weight, it cannot be done recklessly. You need a strong commitment and also a great workout and meal plan to help to shed the extra pounds. You may have already engaged in a regular exercise to stay healthy but when it comes to weight loss, it can be quite hard especially if you do not know where to start. There are endless options of workout and meal plan but you need the right one according to your body need. You may also see doctor and workout instructor find out the best method of weight loss.

Best Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Best Meal Plan to Lose Weight

The best meal plan to lose weight is the one that made personally. You do not need to copy other people meal and workout plan because your body has different needs. The important thing is that you know your body very well. This includes how many calories that the body need, how many minutes of workout that the body need, and such thing. Check out guide to the Best Meal Plan to Lose Weight while Working Out.

Meal programs for weight loss

Let’s talk nutrients

The meal plan should complement the workout routine. This means that the meal plan is as crucial as workout plan because even if you have the best workout plan ever, it will be useless when you still eat junks. When creating the best meal plan, you need to consider these following points.

  • Calorie intake is right – the key to a successful meal plan is counting the right calorie. To be able to decide the calorie intake; you need to define your goals. If your main goal is to lose weight, you will need to create a meal plan with lower calorie around 20% than calorie maintenance level. Meanwhile, if your main goal is to build muscle or increase strength, you need to create a meal plan with more calories around 250 calories than the maintenance level.
  • Protein and fat intake – the general recommendation for protein intake for a healthy adult is around 0.8 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. For example, if you weight around 170lbs, you will need around 170 grams of protein or a little less. Meanwhile, for fat intake, you will need around 20-30% of total calorie intake. Usually healthy adult needs around 25% of fat in general. For information, you need to understand that 1 gram of fat contains around 9 calories. So, if your daily calorie intake is 2000 calories, you need to know that 25% of 2000 is 500. Thus, your fat intake should be 500 divided by 9 which are 55 grams.
  • Carb intake – carbohydrate should be counted after protein and fat intake. The last part of the daily calories intake should come from carbohydrate.

Well, it may seem confusing but it will be a lot easier if you know the body needs. You have to understand your body well because every person calorie intake is different.

Drink lots of water

While you creating the best meal plan ever, you need to also drink plenty of water. Water is an important substance in the body and you will be surprised that the weight loss process actually speeds when you drink lots of water. Make sure to drink only calorie-free water for healthier and better result.

Create workout plan

Along with the great meal plan, you also need to create a workout plan. Combine those two plans, and you will lose weight faster. You may need to combine several kinds of exercise for a maximum result because getting all sweaty is not enough. Seek advice from exercise instructor to find the best workout plan according to your need.


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