Figure Out the Best Way to Lose Baby Weight

Figure Out the Best Way to Lose Baby Weight

Best way to lose baby weight – Being a new mother is always exciting but losing the baby weight is another story. Every new mom always wishes for losing the baby weight and return to the pre-baby body. For the last nine months, you feel like expanding in every direction and this is the time to fit the skinny jeans again. In general, most pregnant women will gain around 20-50 pounds during pregnancy. Before committing to losing baby weight, it is important not to deprive yourself or the baby in terms of nutritional requirements. Losing baby weight should be done gradually and not directly jump off to exercise routine as if you only absent for a week. There is a process that you need to go through. Check out the best way to lose baby weight in a simple and safe way.

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When it comes to losing baby weight, breastfeeding is your friend. You may have heard the rumor that nursing helps burn up to 500 calories a day. Well, it is not simply a rumor, but you can shed some baby weight during breastfeeding. However, it is important to remember that during the first three months of nursing, you may need around 500 calories a day in addition to the daily calorie intake. This extra calorie is beneficial to produce lots of milk for your baby. In addition, the body will also naturally use the stored fat to fulfill the food requirements as additional energy. But, this is the process that should not be accelerated by eating less food. Eating less food during breastfeeding will lower the metabolism, this results in the body stores more fats. If the body tells you to eat, then eat and make sure to eat more vegetables, protein, fruits, and drink more plain water as well.

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Eat healthy balanced diet

Eating healthy food gives the body chances to process the food and uses the nutrients to enhance your health. This includes helping you to reach pre-baby body weight. Instead of eating huge portion at once, eating often and little helps maintain the blood sugar level in balance. This also helps to avoid craving for sugary and junk food. Regular eating also helps to keep the metabolism stable. The food choice should also become the main consideration as you are suggested to eat more vegetables and fruits. Always include vegetables in every meal and choose fruit or nuts for healthy snacks.

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Get enough sleep

It may be hard to get enough sleep once you had the baby because you may need to wake up in the middle of the night for nursing. Even though being a new mum is both mentally and physically challenging, you still have to maintain at least eight hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep helps to balance the hormones and yes, it is important for any attempt to lose weight.

Get enough sleep for best way to lose baby weight


Exercise and get active

When you aim to get rid of belly weight or baby weight, the most important thing is to eat healthily and get active. Your time for exercise may not be as much as before pregnancy, but make sure to find a way to get active. You can take the baby out for walking or light jog. If it is possible you can also find dance or aerobic video to practice at home when the baby is asleep. The most important thing is to make sure not to start right away after labor there are chances of weakened core muscle, skeletal changes, and also injury from joint instability during pregnancy and labor. Give yourself some time to fully recover before engaging again in your routine exercise.

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Ask for support

Baby weight loss can be very hard, but you can always go through the process with the support from people around you. Ask for support from husband, parents, and friends to help you lose the baby weight.

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