How many calories should a woman eat to lose weight?

How many calories should a woman eat to lose weight?

How many calories should a woman eat to lose weight ? – Women always pay attention to their body shape because they will feel confused and unconfident when their body looks fat. Well, if you belong to a fat woman, you still have a chance to lose weight by controlling the amount of caloric intake you eat every day. How many calories should a woman eat to lose weight?

The Amount of Calories Intake for Women to Lose Weight

how many calories should a woman eat to lose weight

Men and women have a different amount of daily caloric intake that they must eat. Men need bigger daily calorie to burn rather than women. However, women can get fat more easily than men due to the activity. Men need 2500 calorie per day and women need 2000 calorie per day normally. If you are not obese, you can eat calories as many as 2000 per day. However, if you are fat and want to shrink your body, then you have to reduce the caloric intake up to 1500 calorie per day.

Will be 1500 calorie per day effective to lose weight for women? In general, 1500 calories per day are suggested by most of the doctors. By reducing calories as many as 500 calories per day, a woman can lose weight up to 1 kg per week. However, not all of the women follow this rule. Some of the women who are on a diet program even reduce the calories significantly up to 1000 calories per day and that is very dangerous for their health.

How many calories should a woman eat to lose weight

So, if you want to stay healthy during the weight loss program, you are not recommended to reduce the caloric intake more than 500 calories per day.  According to the dietitians, an active woman needs caloric intake as many as 1200-1400 per day. By ensuring the number of calorie need, you can make sure that you eat enough food so your metabolism will be running normally.

Somehow, if you exercise every day actively, you should add the caloric intake to make it balanced because there will be more calories burned during the workout. This is a normal calculation without seeing other factors. There are also some factors that influence the caloric intake of women such as age factor, height, weight, and activity, and the metabolism condition. Thus, if you have a problem with your condition, you are recommended to visit your doctor to consult it.

The Consequences of Reducing Caloric Intake Significantly

Keep in mind, when you want to shrink your body, you cannot just reduce the caloric intake as you wish without calculation. If you reduce the caloric intake too significantly, then it may cause so many health problems. Some of the health problems are:

–    Diarrhea

–    Nausea

–    Constipation

–    Fatigue

–    Gallstones

Furthermore, if you reduce too many calories, your body will break the muscle tissue, but not the fat as the source of energy. Certainly, it is not a good thing for everybody. A very low caloric intake is not recommended for teenagers, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Most of the today’s teenagers make a mistake to lose weight. Whereas, they still need a high amount of nutrition to grow up and develop.

how many calories should a woman eat to lose weighten

There are so many ways to lose weight effectively, but you can still do some simple things to lose weight. The first, you can exercise every day because exercise will help you burn the caloric in the body and it will control the amount of the calories in your body effectively. Secondly, you must not eat too much because the food is the causal factor why you can get fat. So, you must control your daily diet and eat some healthy foods that do not contain too much sugar and fat. The third, you must drink a lot of mineral water because this water will help the metabolism system in the body, especially when you are exercising.

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