How many calories to eat to lose weight?

How many calories to eat to lose weight?

How many calories to eat to lose weight? – It is really important to understand the amount of calories you must eat every day to lose weight. If you are on diet, you are not only limiting the food consumption because it will be dangerous if you do not do it properly. So, how many calories to eat to lose weight? When you are on a diet, you must not torture yourself by not eating foods. Therefore, you need at least meet your daily calories needs. Read these following tips on controlling your daily calories for weight loss program.

How many calories to eat to lose weight

The Least Amount of Calories to Meet on Diet

Just because you are now on diet, it does not mean that you are not allowed to eat food at all, but you only need to limit the amount of the calories you eat every day. A good weight loss program must be calculated according to your body needs so you will stay healthy. You cannot shrink your body in only one day. You must follow the process anyway.

Relating to calories, most of the women need calorie intake as many as 2000 calorie per day, while men need 2500 calorie intake every day. If you are on a diet program, ideally you only need to reduce as many as 500 calories per day. So, women may only need 1500 calories and men need 2000 calories for weight loss. By reducing 500 calories every day, you can reduce your weight as much as 0.1 up to 1 kg in a week.

Some of the women think that 500 calories are not enough to lose weight, so some of them prefer to reduce more than 500 calories every day to get an effective and fast result. According to Michelle Davenport, Ph.D., an active woman needs 1200-1400 calories per day so that she can make sure the body metabolism works normally. But, when she likes to exercise or workout, she needs bigger calories because the calories will be burned during the exercise.

However, there are also other factors that really influence the amount of calories intakes such as age factors, body weight, height, activity level, metabolism condition, and much more. So, for those who want to know the exact daily calories intake to lose weight, they need to visit their dietitians or nutritionists to get more information.

How many calories to eat to lose weight

How many calories to eat to lose weight?

The Consequences of Low Calories Intake

You have to pay attention when you are on a diet program because you may reduce the calories intake too significant in which it will be dangerous for your body. If you eat foods with very low calories as many as 800- 1000 for more than 4 weeks, then you will get some health issues such as constipation, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue. In addition, it may also cause Gallstones and other health problems. Thereby, you need to think twice before you really reduce your calorie intake at a very low level, especially when you are on a diet.

The Best Way to Reduce Calorie Intake

Here are tips for those who want to lose weight, but you can still meet the needs of calories.

  • Eat more protein

Protein can reduce your appetite and can also increase the number of calories you burn. The body needs a lot of energy to metabolize proteins, so it is indirectly burning calories in your body.

  • Avoid sweet drinks

You need to avoid soft drinks, fruit juices, and much more. Sweet drinks can be one of the factors that can cause you to gain weight.

  • Drink a lot of mineral water

It can also help you lose weight. Drinking water before meals may help reduce hunger so you will eat less. In addition, drinking lots of water can also increase the number of calories you burn per day.

  • Exercise regularly

Of course, exercise can balance the calories intake in your body. Weightlifting is also important because it can inhibit the loss of muscle mass and can prevent the slowing of metabolic rate in your body.

Well, that is all about a number of calories intake you need to eat if you want to lose weight. As long as you do not reduce the calorie at a very low level, you will be still healthy. But, you must be patient because it needs a process to get the best re

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