The Right Meal Plan to Lose Weight Healthily and Effectively

The Right Meal Plan to Lose Weight Healthily and Effectively

Due to numerous researches came up with the result that meal contributes much more than exercise, many people prefer to reduce eating rather than getting sweaty. But unfortunately, reduce the amount of your meal is not the most effective method. You have to know what to eat, how it is processed, how much you can eat, and why you should or should not eat it. Pretty complicated, isn’t it? Luckily there are thousands of meal plan to lose weight you can try on the internet.

But, which one is the right for you? Some people we asked, have tried more than three meal plans but none of them worked. Do you know why? It’s because they chose the meal plan that was not mean for them, so their diet was not effective and even more might lead to some health problems. So, when you are planning to lose weight, make sure your meal plan will work effectively and healthily. How could you know? We have narrowed our research and came up with these meal plans for you to try.

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First, we have three meal plans which is based on your body shape. Yes, your body shape shows where you can accumulate fat and gives the clue how to remove it.  If you have “chili” body type where you have no significant different between the hips, waist, and shoulder, then you probably store the fat in the middle of your body. Marie Savard, a medical contributor at ABC News said that this might lead you to heart attack and diabetes. So to avoid this, your meal plan to lose weight has also be able to lower the cardivascular disease. You can consume fish, olive oil, complex carbohydrate, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein without fat to provide polyunsaturated fats to your body nutrition.

While if you have a “pear” body shape which is considered as the most ideal body, you will store the fat in your hips, thigh, and butt. Fat in those three parts is mean to be there as your fuel when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. So, losing weight is the real disaster but however, the fat might help you to prevent cardio or diabetes risk. The best way to deal with it is to have as less as possible fat on your meal plan to lose weight, because it is a tough job for your body to burn the fat into energy. You can consume whole grain cereal, lentils, protein without fat such as chicken breast without its skin, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Last, if your body is like an apple which store fat mostly in tummy, you are lucky because according to Kathie Siwft, a nutrition director in UltraWellnes Center, Massachusetts, it can easily be burnt. However, if you do not set your healthy weight loss diet plans as soon as possible, it can carry not only diabetes or cardio risk, but also breast cancer. The best meal plan or this body shape is high fat but low carbo. Seriously you have to set 40% of your diet with complex carbo and the rest is nuts, fruits, and vegetable. Avocado, olive oil, and fish are good for you.

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Best way to lose weight fast

But not only based on the body shape, you can also determine your meal plan to lose weight based on your blood type. Peter D’ Adamo designed this diet as he believed that each blood type has its own characteristic that will affect our digestion system since it digests lectin protein differently. If the lectin in your meal does not match your blood type, no wonder you will feel fatigue, slower metabolism, gaining weight, ect. We will discuss about this soon.

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