Some Simple and Easy to Do Yoga to Lose Weight

Some Simple and Easy to Do Yoga to Lose Weight

Yoga to lose weight – Many of us crave a slim and ideal body. This is because an ideal weight means our health will be more secure. In addition, our self-confidence will come to grow with it. To realize this, we often take and perform various ways and even spend more. However, we can actually make that happen by doing the yoga method. It is commonly known that the method of yoga to lose weight can make it easier for us to achieve an ideal health and a beautiful appearance. Regarding yoga practice to lose weight, now we will discuss some movements in yoga that have proven effective and able to form an ideal body proposition.

Yoga to lose weight

Yoga exercises for beginners

The first yoga to lose weight movement is the Tadasana yoga. This yoga movement is the most basic yoga movement and very easy to follow. Tadasana movement has several benefits such as improving blood circulation contained in the body, strengthen the muscles around the abdominal area, as well as balancing the body’s muscle functions naturally. This movement begins by standing upright, then continue by standing on tiptoes accompanied by lifting both hands towards the top while breathing. After approximately 5 to 8 seconds later, the legs that are stuck on the ground are pushed back to the ground while breathing out. Tadasana yoga is done repeatedly as much as 5 to 10 times.

The next yoga movement to lose weight is Bhujangasana. This Bhujangasana movement has benefit to burn the fat around the abdominal area as well as tighten the muscles. This movement can also flex the waist in addition to avoiding pain in the waist and automatically also can lose weight. How to do this movement is laid down first with a straight stomach and leg position. The next step is to put palms under the shoulders. After that, begin to emphasize the palms accompanied by lifting the body slowly while still taking a slow breath. For beginners, do it slowly and try to not force yourself. Simply try it slowly to make the body accustomed to this movement.

Padahastasana is the next of several yoga movements to lose weight. The benefits of Padahastasana movement is it is very effective to burn and shrink the fat in the body, beside able to help expedite the flow of oxygen to the brain so that our brain performance can be more improved. By doing this movement, the weight will slowly shrink, the stomach will tighten, and we will be much faster in understanding something. To perform this Padahastasana movement, start by standing upright as an opening movement. After that, lift both hands up to the top while breathing slowly. The next movement is pull both hands and place them under the sole of the foot until the face can be really right facing the knee. Exhale slowly in doing this movement. Do this Padahastasana movement for about 1 to 2 minutes. Once again, for beginners who are not accustomed to doing this movement, you don’t need to force youself to be able to achieve the Padahastasana movement perfectly until the face facing the knee. Regularly train these yoga movements until the body has been accustomed and able to perform the movement perfectly.

yoga to lose weight

Beginners yoga for weight loss

That’s some movement of yoga to lose weight that is easy and can be practiced even by beginners though. Yoga movements above maybe look simple and easy, but the benefits and functions are great for losing weight as well as make the body more ideal. Another bonus is of course the body’s health can be maintained. To get the maximum results, do the yoga movement at least once a week.



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