The Best Way to Lose Weight from Stomach

The Best Way to Lose Weight from Stomach

Best way to lose weight from the stomach –¬†Stomach fat makes your jeans extra tight, but actually, there is a way more dangerous thing about the stuff. This is when white fat extends in the abdomen and snuggle deep among the organs, it has the potential for causing some serious health issues. This kind of fat is known as visceral fat which churns out inflammatory substances, cytokines, and stress hormone such as cortisol. The fat and what it does to the body gives negative effects as it increases the production of insulin. Besides, the belly fat also results in obesity and also makes you at risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. For all those negative effects, there is nothing better than get rid of stomach fat. Check out the best way to lose weight from stomach below.

The Best Way to Lose Weight from Stomach

Do not stop moving

Exercise is the core of weight loss including when you want to shed stomach fat. The thing about visceral fat is it yields quite easy to aerobic exercise. You can try biking, swimming, running, or any other exercise which basically increase the heart rate up. Make sure to perform regular exercise when it comes to melting stomach fat. A recent study reveals that jogging for around 12 miles is sufficient to melt belly fat. Another exercise option is planking where you need to hold yourself in the push-up pose for a couple of minutes. Try 3 or 4 sets of planking for about 30 seconds each. The important thing is that the exercise you try should engage multiple muscle groups at once and increase the cardiovascular system.

Clean diet

Committing to clean diet is a must when you aim to shred stomach weight. A clean diet means that you need to eat nutrient dense foods which are low in sugars, sodium, and fat. You can opt for high protein diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grain, and fat-free dairy products. In addition, you will also need to ditch processed food and packaged snacks with vegetables and fruits. The key to successfully lose stomach fat is to completely change the way you eat and commit to a healthy diet.

The Best Way to Lose Weight from Stomach

Limit alcohol and sugar consumption

Besides taking care of what you are eating, you need to also consider what you are drinking. Taking care of your drinking habit is as important as conducting healthy meal. It is still acceptable for alcohol once at a time, but if you drink it on daily basis, you just need to forget about shredding belly fat. The truth is alcohol drinkers mostly have pear shape body which means belly fat and man boobs. This is because alcohol stresses the liver and it has to overwork to get rid of toxins. You can still drink alcohol for about 10% for example on Friday or Saturday night but the rest of the day, drink plain water or green tea.

More polyunsaturated fat

Fat does not necessarily make you fat especially polyunsaturated fat. Lack of nutrition and bad nutrition do make you fat. The body will not store fat easily if you eat healthy fat and exercise regularly. There are lots of kind of healthy fat such as fish oil, avocado, and more. what you need to do is stay away from trans-fat and eat unprocessed foods all the time.

Regular sleep habit bit do not oversleep

Having night sleep for around 5 hours or less increases the risk of developing visceral fat. Ideally, adults should have a night sleep around seven to eight hours. Even though having regular sleep is important, but make sure not to oversleep. Chaotic sleep routine will mess the internal clock which makes the body to secrete hormones like cortisol, fats

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