5 Things to Do for the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast for Men

5 Things to Do for the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast for Men

Best way to lose weight fast for men – For men, it is easier to carry extra weight around their midsection. If this area gains more weight, there will be some health issues they need to deal with. Those are high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, and heart disease. To prevent this problem, they definitely need to change their diet and start doing weight loss program. Here we have prepared 5 things to do as the best way to lose weight fast for men.

best way to lose weight fast for men

  1. Start It with High-Intensity Interval Training

Cardio exercise is the best workout we can perform to lose our weight. There are varieties of such trainings like jogging, swimming, gymnastic, running, etc. This exercise will help us a lot in burning fat. Now some of us might have learned about cardio exercise with low or medium intensity which requires at least 45 minutes training. That is surely effective, but there is another technique which are far more effective and efficient. That is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is cardio exercise that uses the combination of low and medium intensity cardio with a certain period of time. To illustrate it, we start the session with sprinting in 20 – 30 seconds followed by small running for about 60 – 90 seconds. You can perform it every week in 3 sessions and increase the amount weekly.

Best way to lose weight fast for men

  1. Perform Intense Weight Training

Although your main intention is weight loss, it does not mean you can simply avoid doing weight training. In fact, you should still include this exercise into your schedule. Weight training can build lean muscle for you. By increasing your lean mass, your body fat will be burnt inside the muscle cells. The bigger your muscle cells become, the more body fats will get burnt.


  1. Be More Active with Sport

Do you have any active sports to do? If not, then you must start to be active in at least one sport from now on. Some sports involve cardio movements like jumping, running, or back pedaling. These moves will help trimming your extra body fat away. The sports you can try to do are basketball, tennis, soccerball, swimming, and many more. Just pick one or two that you like the most.

How To Lose Weight Fast

  1. Relax with Yoga

Just because it is a weight loss program, it does not mean you have to do intense workout every single day. You must remember that your body has its own limit. When it is tired, you need to take a rest so it can recharge its energy. In this case, we highly recommend you to do yoga. It is able to assist you in reducing your weight without taking too much of your energy. What’s more it can boost your flexibility as well as relieve your stress. It is better to do yoga on a day when you have nothing to work on.


  1. Take Photos of Your Progress

Before you start your weight loss program, it is better to take a picture of your body first. Then, you can take some more during the program. The purpose of it is to make you stay motivated. If you take a look at all pictures right from the beginning, you can see how much progress you have made so far. If you do have made a lot of progress, it surely will make you more confident in achieving your goal.


Those are a few tips we can give to you for the best way to lose weight fast for men. Exercising is important in weight loss, but do not forget to balance it with rest and healthy food. And, you must also start to conduct a healthy lifestyle for better result.

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